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Holter Test and Event Monitor

Holter Test or Event Monitor - Holter and event monitors are medical devices that record the heart's electrical activity. These are sometimes performed whether or not you are experiencing cardiac disease symptoms or to ensure your current treatment plan is effective.

Holter and event monitors are similar to an ECG test, except the device is loaned to you for more extensive monitoring. You will wear the small, portable device for 24 hours or longer, then return the device after the monitoring is complete. At that time, we will download the information from the device and your physician will review the results.

Although similar, Holter and event monitors aren't the same. A Holter monitor records your heart's electrical activity the entire time you're wearing it. An event monitor only records your heart's electrical activity at certain times while you're wearing it.

How to prepare for the test

There is no special preparation for the test. Monitor instructions will be given to you at your appointment.

Why the test is performed

Holter and/or Event Monitors can be used to diagnose heart rhythm problems that may only occur during certain periods of rest or activity.

Procedures, hospital based:

Dr. Sclar specializes in stress echo, angiogram, heart catheterization, and the placement of invasive pacemakers. These tests are performed at a local hospital determined by your insurance and/or convenience.